Ep. 17 – The Courage to be Unapologetically Black


This episode is a little different. Instead of bringing in a guest Skyra shares a recent experience that had a huge impact in her life.

In September of this year, Skyra had the opportunity to give a TEDx talk. Her topic? A talk about what it’s like to be a black woman in a predominately white space. She chose this topic to give people a better understanding of what that experience is like.

As Skyra worked on her piece, she started to have doubts. She was really scared that the story and the message she wanted to share wasn’t important enough to put herself out there. In fact, she wasn’t just scared, she was terrified. She almost quit…twice.

But she kept working. Skyra reminded herself that there are other people who are having similar experiences and it’s important for them to know they are not alone.

She also knew that it’s important for those who are not African American women in high level positions to understand what it’s like to walk in that space when there are no other people who look like you or who have experienced the world as you have.

So this episode is Skyra’s TEDxVermilion talk entitled “The Courage to be Unapologetically Black.”

You can also watch the talk here.

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